The American idiot and Canadian cracked -

academic Magocsi in four guises 


1. The fact that Magocsi is a full American is testified by the feature in the news in the “Tribuna” of July 7, 2007. “How great poet Petro Midyanka was “wedded” to Rusins”. Last week to one of the remotest villages of Tyachiv (Transcarpathia) – Shiroky Lug came quite unexpectedly a delegation with Paul Robert Magocsi and Veleriy Padyak. The gentlemen visited the headmaster of the village school having the aim to present the book written in coauthorship: “A People from Nowhere” with the well-known Ukrainian poet Petro Micolayevich Midyanka. As was personally reported by P. Midyanka, Magocsi and Padyak in the name of Rusins, proposed the poet to join in the Rusins movement, in return for money endowment and the literary award of O. Dukhnovich. But Petro Midyanka was not to be misled and came on top saying he has been engaged with Ukraine since birth… Hence the near-Rutins Magocsi and Padyak left with nothing. We have nothing to do but laugh with ridicule over the adventurists of the Rusin movement…”
This solemn and anti-Rusin information was printed in nearly all the press of Transcarpathia.
Here we have Magocsi – a true American idiot, - who does not understand the political situation in Subcarpathia, together with Jewish Padyak who only damaged the cause of true Subcarpathians.
2. Because Magocsi is a complete Canadian fool is testified by his book “A People from Nowhere”, which at the expense of the money from Rusin diaspora was published at Padyak’s wife pointing shops.
In Subcarpathia folks do not wish to take his book in their hand, and nobody is willing to buy it only for the title – “A People from Nowhere”. Why should the people of Subcarpathia be called – “A people from nowhere’?!
The cracked Magocsi , - people from Subcarpathian ignore him. You are because an idiot and fool, for you don’t have the knowledge, and therefore you don’t have the honour and face, you are a money-thirsty criminal and a liar. Why do you plunder the money of Rusin diaspora, having printed that book of yours in idiotic fashion including in Romanian?! For whom in Romanian? … What for – in Romanian?!
3. That’s why here we say of you, why an idiot and cracked in one, is wishing to hold a congress in Romania? We understand why in Romania, to plunder the money donated by diaspora to show how mighty Magocsi is (Mahochy means Mighty). For the first significance of that congress is – the glory of Mahochy, but not in the name of Rusins. And, secondly, there are not enough Rusins in Romania worth making there an ideological bustle and that is why this current Magocsi -Show is only for the sake of a “show” and is a complete show-off and waste of the money of the Rusins. There was not a single honest and well-balanced Subcarpathian participating at the congress. Here the rascals, who left no stone unturned, wanted Padyak to be elected as head of Subcarpathian Rus, but Magocsi did everything possible and impossible so that Padyak was elected the Chief representative of the Rusins. Total failure of Magocsi policies!
4. The mere fact that Magocsi is an absolute idiot and cracked is testified by his voyage to Kiev, with his personal friend – Padyak’s wife, and a representative of the Regional Party of Ukraine Mrs. Karpatchova.
And this shameful deed happened only a couple of weeks later after the Rusins were recognized as Subcarpathian Rus. And this meeting was organized to full extent by the great Rusin, who is now currently head of the Secretariat of Ukrainian President Mr. Victor Baloga who was head of Nasha Ukraina Party - the complete opposition to the Party of Regions. And that’s why the people have to be idiots and cracked together – to let such idiocy go.: only the chief representative of the “Nasha Ukraina” Party Victor Baloga has done for the Rusins the impossible – he has recognized them officially on the regional level as how cracked and idiot Magocsi together with Padyak’s wife went to lick the ass of Karpacheva – a regional party representative.
And in closing, Jewish Padyak wanted, for the money given by Magocsi to capture the Rusin House in Uzhgorod. But the Rusins of Subcarpathia resisted the evil doings of Padyak-the-jew, the idiot Magocsi and the cracked billionaire Schepa. Two years now the honest Rusins in Subcarpathia have been sueing Padyak-the-cracked and Magocsi and Schepa and have been given justice in the final court-hearing. Jewish Padyak has been ousted from among the Rusins of Subcarpathian Rus, and with this an end is put to the raiders’ campaign of the idiot and crazy Magocsi and half-literate billionaire Schepa.

Ivan Petrovtsiy                    
Rusin author from Subcarpathia


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